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Don’t you deserve a better social network?

Wouldn’t you rather have a social network that respected your privacy, resisted abuse and harassment, rewarded content creators and was open by default? We would too, that’s why we’re building the world’s first mainstream client for a truly distributed social network.

Here’s how we’re different

You own your content

Your posts belong to you. You choose how and when to share them, and can move to another app at any time

Control who you see

You only see posts from your friends and their friends, meaning it’s much harder for people to abuse or harass

There’s no advertising

We’re funded by providing services you actually want to pay for, not by selling your data or attention

We respect your privacy

We don’t collect loads of data on what you do. And there’s no central database to mine for data to sell

End-to-end encryption

Your private posts can only be seen by you and the people you send them to. Not even we can see them!

Naturally spam-resistant

Planetary only downloads content from your friends and their friends - it’s impossible for people to spam you

Works off the grid

In the wilderness? At a festival? Download posts and send yours out through peer to peer connections

Fully distributed

There’s no one big database where your posts are stored. You can connect to our relay servers or make your own

A public commons

Like email or the web, Planetary is built on an open protocol that no one company can own

You can leave at any time

Don’t like Planetary? Pick up and take your identity, posts, and friends to another compatible app

Open Source

Planetary is open source, download and built the application yourself.

Revenue for creators

Keep some posts back for paid subscribers. And you can choose precisely how much you want to charge

Coming late 2020

Built on the open ‘Scuttlebutt’ protocol

No one company should own the Internet’s public spaces, which is why we’re working with—and contributing back to—the open source Scuttlebutt project. Their core technologies let us recreate a social network experience, but in an open decentralized way that no one organisation can dominate.

Find out more about Scuttlebutt