Resilient tech for human connection

Planetary is a network for people who want to come together and connect even when the internet goes out. It's an app that doesn't keep your data in the cloud.

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Rethink social media

Don't you deserve a better social network?

Wouldn’t you rather have a social network that respected your privacy, resisted abuse and harassment, rewarded content creators and was open by default? We would too, that’s why we’re building the world’s first mainstream client for a truly distributed social network.

Design your social experience

Stay connected when the wifi goes down

Planetary is an offline, local first, resilient social network which will keep working even if your internet goes out. Your phone can peer directly with your neighbors keeping you connected.

What's a server anyway?

Decentralized networks for everyone

Planetary is built on an open protocol, Secure Scuttlebutt, which means that you can always leave and take your community with you. If you don’t love our services, you’re never stuck with us just because your connections are all here.

It's all about people, not data

We're different because you're different

You have something to say and you’d like to build community without building someone else’s brand. We’re here for creators and artists, makers and hackers.

You own your content

Your posts belong to you. You choose how and when to share them.

There's no advertising

We’re funded by providing services you actually want to pay for, not by selling your data or attention.

Planetary is fully distributed

There’s no one big database where your posts are stored. You can connect to our relay servers or make your own.

We respect your privacy

Your posts belong to you. You choose how and when to share them.

What you always wanted in social media

Do much more with planetary

Control the algorithm

You only see posts from your friends and their friends, meaning it’s much harder for people to abuse or harass.

End-to-end encryption

Your private posts can only be seen by you and the people you send them to. Not even we can see them!

Naturally spam-resistant

Planetary only downloads content from your friends and their friends - it’s impossible for people to spam you.

Works off the grid

In the wilderness? At a festival? Download posts and send yours out through peer to peer connections.

A public commons

Like email or the web, Planetary is built on an open protocol that no one company can own.

You can leave at any time

Don’t like Planetary? Pick up and take your identity, posts, and friends to another compatible app.

We're open source!

Planetary is open source, download and built the application yourself.

Revenue from creators

Keep some posts back for paid subscribers. And you can choose precisely how much you want to charge.

The future is decentralized

Built on the open secure scuttlebutt protocol

No one company should own the Internet’s public spaces, which is why we’re working with —and contributing back to— the open source Scuttlebutt project. Their core technologies let us recreate a social network experience, but in an open decentralized way that no one organisation can dominate.

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introducing the hackers behind the project

The team behind Planetary

Evan Henshaw-Plath

1st Employee Twitter / Researcher MIT Media Lab. Co-founded and built consultancy to $15m/annual revenue - sold to Pivotal in 2016.

Amanda Hickman

Business Development AdvisorRan BuzzFeed’s Open Lab, Document Cloud, and the freelance futures initiative at AIR. Taught journalism at Columbia, CUNY, and UC Berkeley.

Mr. K

Kris is a Go developer with a passion for developing technologies that empower people to improve their lives. He was born in Poland but grew to become a world person who'd lived in many countries and speaks 5 languages.

Martin Dutra

Martin holds a degree in Software Engineering from ORT Uruguay University. He started his career developing mobile apps at Codeshaped and has taught programming to deaf high school students and led sign language workshops with school children. He helps organize Creative Mornings/Montevideo.

Sebastian Heit

Designer and front-end developer with a background in Architecture. Former interaction designer at Cubox, Neo. Co-founder at Zimmic, CraftedCode, IxDA Montevideo. Former front-end developer at Quantstamp.

Come change social media with us

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